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Potential Legal Issues Surrounding English Instructors(Hagwon Teachers) in South Korea

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Yesterday, I read an interesting article which addressed various legal disputes between English instructors(Hagwon teacher) and their Korean employers.  I’ve heard of many U.S. or Canadian English teachers who were in that kind of legal disputes.  I know it can not be generalized but this article gives useful information on what’s happening here in South Korea.   Here you can read it.

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One thought on “Potential Legal Issues Surrounding English Instructors(Hagwon Teachers) in South Korea

  1. Thank you for this article. This is the first time that I have worked alone in a foreign country. I ran into a situation that has
    landed me in a clinic. My employer is know for not paying teachers and causing pain and suffering.

    I truly love teaching and singing with the kids. I did not realize that I was getting sick.

    I am concerned that other people may come
    to South Korea to teach. They will be unaware, as I, of what can happen.

    I find that South Korea is a teachers paradise. The parents are supportive of their children and education. The families have the
    financial resources to pay for a quality education.

    Hopefully through our stories we can prepare others who come to educate our Global leaders in South Korea.

    Thank you for this resource.


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