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The Supreme Court Rules against Kimberly-Clark over $63 Million Disposable Diaper Patent Lawsuit

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The Supreme Court of Korea ruled on February 28 in favor of LG Household and Health Care of Korea(“LG Household”), a domestic diaper manufacturer, saying it did not violate a patent of the U.S. firm Kimberly-Clark Corp.

The Supreme Court held that the disposable diaper with a leak-preventing flap produced by LG Household did not infringe on a patent owned by Kimberly-Clark and its local affiliate Yuhan Kimberly.

It was a long 8-year fierce lawsuit between two giants. Kimberly-Clark won the initial ruling in February 2003 and the High Court overturned the verdict in November 2005. The Supreme Court upheld the High Court’s ruling.

You can read the original news article here.

If anyone wants to read the full court decision, please email me.

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