Finding a Birth Parent in South Korea

This week a story of an overseas adoptee caugth our attention. She had succeeded in finding her birth father in South Korea after getting a DNA test order from the Korean Family Court. The news calls for an attention how hard it is for some undocumented adoptees to find their birth parents in Korea.

It is true that back in old days Korean government was not so strict in regulating the foreign adotion. Some children had been adopted without having the corrent documentations about their origins.

Things, however, have changd now thanks to the amendment of the Korean adoption law and efforts from the government. There are several organizations which help finding the birth parents and their family members in Korea like here and here.

Also, the Korean government will start a new family search system in 2020 where a foreign adoptee is allowed to visit the Korean Consulate in her country to provide her DNA sample. Then the Korean government will use this sample to find any match in its database.

One thing to mention about this new is that, although the news praises this case as a historic court case and even some news says this is the first paternity lawsuit filed in South Korea by an overseas adoptee, that is not true. There have been many paternity lawsuits filed by the overses adopteed in Korea. Actually, back in 2017, our office had successfully represented an overseas adoptee in a paternity suit in Korea. In that case, the Seoul Family Court acknowleded the establishment of paternity based on the DNA result between our client and her aunt, because the birth father had already passed away. Thanks to this paterinty ruling, she was also able to get her Korean inheritance right back.

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