[Q&A: Divorce Law] Does Being Separated for Many Years Itself Make It Easier to Get a Divorce Decree in Korea?

Q) Most of my friends say if you’ve got separated for many years, it is easy to apply for a divorce.  Is that true?

A) Basically being separated for many years is, by itself, not a justifiable cause for a judicial divorce under Korea divorce law.  The key issue will be why both of you have been separated.  If it is because of your husband’s violence and/or maltreatment, you’re surely entitled to a divorce decree from a Korean Family court, even if you’re separated for only 1 day.  On the contrary, if you’ve maliciously deserted your spouse and broken the marriage by your own faults, you can not get a divorce decree, even though you’re separated for a couple of years.

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  1. Dear Chung & Partners

    I have a korean boyfriend we’ve been in relationship 3 years. But his status is married but separated and have 18 years old girl now in university. He try to get divorce from his brutally wife but the wife doesn’t want to give a divorce as punishment
    Is there anyway we can do to solve this?

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