Chung & Partners Successfully Represented Renowned U.S company in Policing Intellectual Property in Korea

Recently, Mr. Wonil Chung, a partner at Chung & Partners, has successfully represented NHS, Inc., an internationally renowned U.S. company which sells skateboards, apparel under various trademarked brand worldwide, in policing their trademark in South Korea.  NHS, Inc. and its Korean distributor had found that counterfeits of SantaCruz, one of the NHS, Inc.’s premium brand, had been made and sold in numerous online shopping mall sites in Korea.  They requested Mr. Wonil Chung to stop them from selling the counterfeits.  Mr. Wonil Chung sent cease and desist letters to the online shopping sites which sold the counterfeits, notifying their trademark infringement and breach of relevant IP laws in Korea.  About a half month later, all the online shopping sites gave up selling the counterfeits  as ordered by the letters.

Policing your intellectual property in Korea is very important in your business.  The process is quite similar to the U.S. legal system, that is hiring a competent IP lawyer in Korea and sending a cease and desist letter to the offender.  In many cases the offenders stop selling the counterfeit after receiving the letter.  If they refuse to stop, filing a lawsuit and filing a report to the investigating authority shall be the next step.

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