Two Korean Internet Portal Giants Prosecuted for Aiding Copyright Infringement

naverLast December 23, the Seoul Central Prosecutors’ Office prosecuted NHN corporation, the operator of Naver (the largest Internet portal in Korea) and Daum Communications Co., the operatot of Daum for copyright infringement.

The prosecutors said two Internet portals have been aiding copyright infringement of their users by ignoring copyright holders(The Korea Music Copyright Association and the Korea Association of Phonogram Producers) request for removing illegal music files on their sites and taking no actions.  The prosecutors found 10 millions of uploaded music files in naver’s server and regarded almost 65% of them are illegal ones.

While Internet users who have illegally uploaded and downloaded content through Internet portal have been punished in the past, this is the first time in South Korea that Internet portal sites were prosecuted for aiding copyright infringements.

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  1. I have found lots of copyrighted material on a daum blog from many different web sites including my own. But I couldn’t find a way to contact Daum to inform them of the copyright infringement and ask them to remove the material. How do I do that? Every thing is in Korean language which I can’t read.

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