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Can a Church Own a Property? How Is a Church Treated Under Korean Law?

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Recently I got a question about legal entity of a church under Korean civil law. The questioner asked “Can a church purchase property?”, “How can a church hold title to property”.

Under Korean Civil Law, a church can be treated as a legal entity so long as it has (i) a internal regulations, (ii) a decision making body, (iii) executive director(s) and (iv) it’s own social activity. If a church meets those requirements, it can hold title to property legally and effectively, and can register the property(immovables such as land, building…) under its name.

Surely a church’s assets(land, building) can be held by individual member(s) of that church or by the third legal entity. In that case, if the church is treated as a lagal entity under Korean law, then the ownership can be interpreted as a trust dor the benefit of the church itself.

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