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[Q&A] Getting a Korean Criminal/Investigation Records Check Reply While Staying Abroad


Q) For my immigration purpose I need to submit to the Canadian authority a Korean Police Clearance Certificate of a Korean Criminal Check, whatever it is called,  which has “lapsed records” which means all the criminal records database search. I contacted the Korean embassy in Toronto and they only issue normal Police Record which is not accepted by the Canadian Immigration and told me I had to get it from the local police station in Korea.  However, it is not feasible for me to visit Korea just in order to get this document.  I’m wondering whether your law firm deals with this type of case or not ? If so I would like to know the details about the process.

A) Yes, we’ve been dealing with this kind of case quite many times.  The most recent client was in need of this document to submit to the Canadian immigration.  We could get the original copy of the Korean Criminal/Investigation Records Check Reply(범죄수사경력회보서) which included the lapsed records as well.

We need your passport copy and a power of attorney, which form will be provided from my office.   It will take about a  few days or a week for you to receive this document from us.

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4 thoughts on “[Q&A] Getting a Korean Criminal/Investigation Records Check Reply While Staying Abroad

  1. I am also in a similar situation. I also require the criminal record check with lapsed records for Canada immigration

  2. Hello,
    I am wondering if you can help me also. I am in the same situation as individual above. I have submitted on two occasions a police cert provided by the South Korean Embassy in Ireland which was rejected.

    Would really appreciate some guidance and support with this matter.

    Thank you in advance

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